Al Roker’s Wife Deborah Roberts Seeks Comfort Following Hospital Flashback

Al Roker and his wife Deborah Roberts
Al Roker and his wife Deborah Roberts
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Deborah Roberts, the wife of renowned Today show star Al Roker, took to Instagram to share a heartfelt post, seeking comfort and ease just days after posting a throwback photo of her husband in the hospital.

Al Roker and his wife Deborah Roberts
Al Roker and his wife, Deborah Roberts

On Sunday, the 63-year-old 20/20 host posted a serene selfie from a deserted park. Dressed in a long-sleeve shirt, vest, and hat to combat the chilly weather, she captured a moment of peace, expressing, “Wishing you comfort and ease on this day!”

Al Roker's wife, Deborah Roberts asked for comfort and ease as she post on her Instagram
Deborah Roberts

Accompanying photos featured the picturesque surroundings, with Christmas tree-topped cars on the road and a tranquil lake in the park. Deborah, makeup-free and smiling, had gone on a walk with Al, 69, who later complained of the cold as they began their run.

Deborah’s plea for comfort and ease came just days after she shared a photo of Al in a hospital gown, wires and tubes connected, with the caption, “Friday flashback. What a difference a year and a whole lotta blessings make! #thankful beyond words @alroker #grateful #heart.” Last year, Al faced health challenges with blood clots in his lungs and legs, but this year, he bounced back, hosting the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade alongside Today hosts Savannah Guthrie and Hoda Kotb.

However, a recent Instagram post sparked curiosity among fans as Al and Deborah were seen walking separately during their park outing. Fans questioned the couple’s decision to walk apart, with one jokingly suggesting Al make a U-turn and ask someone out.

Despite the light-hearted comments, the couple’s fans showed unwavering support for Al and Deborah’s journey, emphasizing the importance of maintaining individuality within a strong union. The mystery of their separate walks added a touch of humor to their fans’ appreciation for the beloved couple.

As Al Roker continues to recover and enjoy life’s blessings, the couple’s social media posts keep fans engaged, leaving them eagerly anticipating the next chapter of their inspiring journey.

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