Comedian Mark Angel Issues Apology Following Controversial Emanuella Dance Video

Emanuella Dance Video
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Nigerian comedian Mark Angel has publicly apologized for a viral video featuring his 13-year-old ward and child comedienne, Emanuella Samuel. The video, showcasing Emanuella in a black dress with a high slit, garnered widespread attention and sparked a heated debate on social media regarding its appropriateness.

Emanuella Dance Video

Previously covered by Tribune Online, the video elicited mixed reactions from viewers. Some expressed concerns about the suitability of the content for someone of Emanuella’s age, while others praised the young talent’s growth in the entertainment industry.

Addressing the controversy on Thursday, Mark Angel took to his Instagram page to issue a heartfelt apology and explain the circumstances surrounding the video. He expressed regret and clarified that Emanuella innocently wore inappropriate clothing belonging to one of her elder sisters, without the knowledge of the family. The video was then shared on her WhatsApp status, only to be downloaded by an adult who posted it on her own TikTok account.

In his Instagram statement, Mark Angel said, “The video was shared without my consent or the consent of her handler. I take full responsibility as a parent, and I sincerely apologize for any discomfort or concern this may have caused.”

He continued by emphasizing the importance of responsible choices and reassured the public that steps were being taken to prevent such incidents in the future. Mark Angel acknowledged the mistake and expressed gratitude for the understanding and support during this challenging time.

The incident serves as a reminder of the potential risks associated with sharing content involving minors on social media, and it highlights the importance of exercising caution and responsibility in such situations.

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