“I’ve Another Son Called Dawson” – Davido Reveals

"I've Another Son Called Dawson" - Davido Reveals
"I've Another Son Called Dawson" - Davido Reveals
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Famous Nigerian singer, David Adeleke, popularly known as Davido, has made a long-awaited admission regarding his rumored fourth baby mama, Larissa London.

"I've Another Son Called Dawson" - Davido Reveals
“I’ve Another Son Called Dawson” – Davido Reveals

In a recent podcast interview, the ‘Kante‘ crooner openly acknowledged the existence of his child with Larissa, revealing that he indeed has a son named Dawson who resides in London.

Davido also shared the sentimental significance behind the names of his daughters, Imade and Hailey, both of which pay tribute to his late mother.

Stressing the resemblance between his second daughter, Hailey, and his mother, Davido expressed his amazement, stating, “Hailey, she is the exact replica of my mum; my second daughter, she is just like my mum. It’s crazy. It’s like she came in her.”

With regard to his children, Davido didn’t stop at his daughters but went on to reveal the presence of his son, Dawson. Setting the record straight, he confirmed that Dawson currently resides in London.

It is pertinent to recall that Davido tragically lost his first son, Ifeanyi Adeleke, in a swimming pool accident at his Banana Island residence last October. The revelation of Dawson adds another layer to the singer’s experiences of fatherhood and family.

By openly discussing his personal life, Davido showcases a willingness to share his journey and provide his fans with a deeper understanding of his joys and sorrows.

The revelation of Dawson’s existence marks an important chapter in Davido’s life, and fans eagerly await further developments and insights from the renowned artist.

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