Iyabo Ojo blasts MC Oluomo over their political quarrel (video)

Iyabo Ojo blasts MC Oluomo over their political quarrel (video)
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Iyabo Ojo, a well-known Nollywood actress, has dispelled several rumors regarding her connection with MC Oluomo, a renowned agbero from the state of Lagos.

Before politics threw a wrench into their connection, the two were friendly acquaintances who supported one another whenever it was necessary.

It all began when Iyabo Ojo endorsed Peter Obi against Bola Tinubu, the presidential candidate for MC Oluomo, and proclaimed Bola Tinubu unsuitable for office.

This strained the relationship between the two, and several of her coworkers accused her of betraying Oluomo and acting ungratefully.

After Tinubu’s victory, the NURTW chairman went live on Instagram to criticize those who abandoned him just when he needed them.

He claimed that whenever such people needed a favor from him, they would not hesitate to call and he would be happy to assist them.

Iyabo Ojo felt the slur was meant at her despite the fact that he didn’t specifically identify anyone, so she hosted an Instagram live session to discuss their animosity.

Although she admitted that MC Oluomo had previously assisted her, she said that this was not valid reason for her to back his candidate.

She said she would not have accepted his help if she had known he was trying to buy her devotion with money.

She also clarified a claim made by her colleague Lege Miami that MC Oluomo had given her N2 million.

She claimed that he had given her N3 million, but she added that it was for the funeral of her mother. Also, she questioned how Lege knew about it if MC Oluomo hadn’t made it public.

Iyabo explained the nature of their relationship by saying that she was never his girlfriend and that she didn’t consent to his approaches.

In her words:

“There is no fight, there is no war, it’s all peace and love.”

“It baffles me in why people feel they have the right to you because they have done one or two things for you before. So you must support them. I am not from that school of thought. There is something I detest and that is trying to take control of someone’s life because you have done them a favour.”

“I woke up this morning to a video that MC Oluomo did.”

“MC I really love you, you are a nice person, I see you as my friend. I was never your girlfriend, I never said yes it you. If I invite you to my party it’s because I regard you. I have always supported you because I see you as a good person.”

“But on this case, I chose not to because I don’t believe in your candidate. That shouldn’t make us fight.”

“The 3million you gave me was to support my mother’s burial”.

Watch video below:

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