Phoebe reacts to her viral leaked video (Watch)

Phoebe reacts to her viral leaked video (Watch)
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Phoebe has reacted to her viral leaked video. Below is the full gist and video.

Phoebe reacts to her viral leaked video (Watch)

Popular Nigerian skitmaker, Phoebe Odekina Ejura, known as Phoebe, has swiftly addressed rumors surrounding the alleged leak of a private video.

In a video she shared online, Phoebe confidently refuted the claims and urged her fans not to buy into the circulating story. She expressed bewilderment at the intentions of those aiming to undermine her and reassured her followers that she remains resolute in the face of adversity. Despite the circulating controversy, Phoebe stands firm in her conviction that her detractors will not succeed in bringing her down.

The recent social media uproar stems from a video titled ‘JustKing Phoebe Video’ that surfaced, featuring explicit content involving a girl closely resembling Phoebe. This sparked discussions across global platforms, leading many to believe that the leaked video was genuine.

The sudden surge of attention resulted in a flurry of negative commentary and backlash directed towards Phoebe. The implications of the leaked video on her reputation were undeniable.

Yet, upon closer examination, the veracity of the video was called into question. Extensive research revealed that the video depicted someone other than Phoebe, who shares a striking resemblance.

Addressing the situation on Twitter, Phoebe categorically denied any involvement in the video and proclaimed that malicious attempts were underway to tarnish her name through fabricated rumors. Consequently, the authenticity of the alleged Phoebe video was debunked.

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JustKing Phoebe, also known as Phoebe Odekina Ejura, is a celebrated Nigerian comedian and content creator, who has even ventured into Nollywood films.

At 24 years old, she’s gained recognition for her stand-up comedy performances and film appearances, carving a niche for herself within the entertainment industry.

While the incident caused a temporary stir, Phoebe’s response and the removal of the leaked video from social media platforms have since put the controversy to rest.

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