Afrobeats Legend 2Baba Declares Himself “Upcoming Artist,” Eyes Comeback in 2024

Afrobeats Legend 2Baba Declares Himself "Upcoming Artist," Eyes Comeback in 2024
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Nigerian music pioneer and legendary singer, Innocent Idibia, known to the world as 2Baba, has made a surprising declaration on social media, calling himself an “upcoming artist” in the face of the booming new generation of Afrobeats stars.

Afrobeats Legend 2Baba Declares Himself "Upcoming Artist," Eyes Comeback in 2024
Legendary Afrobeats Performer 2Baba Identifies as a “Upcoming Artist,” With a 2024 Comeback in Mind

2Baba, a household name credited with timeless hits like “African Queen,” is widely recognized as one of the early architects of Afrobeats’ global success. However, his recent years have seen fewer releases and comparatively less mainstream attention compared to the current wave of chart-topping stars like AsakeRema, and Omah Lay.

Embracing this shift in the landscape, 2Baba took to Instagram with a message of both humility and excitement: “Yes ooo 2024… we no dey gree for anybody this year o.BORN AGAIN ALBUM LOADING…This young boys and girls are not smiling and I’m super excited about this development.”

He acknowledges the hard work and dedication of the new generation, stating “Who no work no go shop” (meaning hard work is key to success), and concludes with a motivational hashtag: “#workshop.”

This statement marks a bold and refreshing approach from 2Baba, acknowledging the changing dynamics of the industry while demonstrating his own continued hunger and drive to evolve and compete with the fresh talent around him. His upcoming “BORN AGAIN” album, due in 2024, promises a renewed dedication to his craft and a potential seismic shift in the Afrobeats landscape.

Fans and industry insiders are buzzing with anticipation, eager to see how 2Baba will adapt and reinvent himself in this new era. His declaration as an “upcoming artist” could be a playful self-deprecating nod, a genuine sign of respect for the rising stars, or perhaps a strategic move to rebrand himself for the next chapter of his career.

Whatever the motivation, one thing is certain: 2Baba’s comeback in 2024 is sure to be one of the most eagerly awaited events in the Afrobeats scene, and his “BORN AGAIN” album promises to be a defining moment for both him and the genre as a whole.

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