Davide Renne, the creative director of Moschino Dies at 46 years

Davide Renne, the creative director of Moschino Dies at 46 years
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The fashion industry is reeling from the unexpected death of Davide Renne, the recently appointed creative director of Moschino.

Davide Renne, the creative director of Moschino Dies at 46 years

Renne, 46, who previously held the position of head of women’s wear at Gucci, passed away in Milan, Italy, just nine days into his role at Moschino. Aeffe, the parent group of Moschino, has confirmed that the cause of death is believed to be a heart attack.

Massimo Ferretti, Aeffe chairman, expressed the deep sorrow felt by the fashion community, stating, “There are no words to describe the pain we are experiencing at this dramatic time.”

Renne, having devoted two decades to Gucci, met his untimely demise while actively working on his debut collection, scheduled to be showcased at Milan Fashion Week in February. A respected figure in Italian fashion, he had a close collaboration with former Gucci designer Alessandro Michele, who paid tribute on Instagram, saying, “My sweet friend, inseparable brother, so much love. What an amazing and unforgettable journey we had together.”

Taking the reins from American designer Jeremy Scott last March, Renne inherited the legacy of Franco Moschino, known for its whimsical humor and avant-garde design. In an interview, Renne shared his excitement about his “dream role” at Moschino and outlined his vision for the brand: “What fashion — Italian fashion especially, and the house of Moschino most of all — can achieve with its enormous power should be accomplished with a sense of play, of joy. Thank you for giving me the keys to the playroom. I can’t wait to begin.”

The sudden departure of Davide Renne has left the fashion world in shock, mourning the loss of his passion, creativity, and the promising future he envisioned for Moschino. Condolences are pouring in from all corners of the industry, marking the end of an era in Italian fashion.

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