Download: Leo (2023) Movie Video MP4

Download Leo (2023) Movie Video MP4
Download Leo (2023) Movie Video MP4
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I bring you the latest movie, Leo (2023), an action, drama, and crime movie.

Download Leo (2023) Movie Video MP4
Download Leo (2023) Movie Video MP4

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Pratiban lives a simple life in Shimla with his wife Satya and two children, and he runs a cafe. A few contract killers enter the town and create havoc; one night they attack Pratiban’s cafe, and all get shot dead by him while trying to save his daughter and employee.

The trial goes to court, and Pratiban is set free as all men were criminals and he did it in self-defense. Pratiban becomes a hero in town, and his news is published in various newspapers where few want him dead. Herold Das, one of the gangsters, comes across his picture and identifies him as Leo Das, who was considered dead many years ago.

Herold informs his elder brother, Anthony Das, a menacing gangster who travels to Shimla to meet Pratiban. Anthony is confident that Pratiban is Leo and tries all kinds of ways to harass him. But Pratiban is adamant that he is not Leo and that he could be his lookalike

Leo Movie 2023: Download MP4 on this website

How to download the 2023 film Leo from this website. Please be aware that his website contains pop-up advertisements, so you might be taken to another site. If this occurs, just hit the back button on your browser and come back to this page to continue downloading.



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