Eliza Rose Watson’s OnlyFans account billboards ‘not overtly sexual’, regulator rules

Eliza Rose Watson’s OnlyFans account billboards 'not overtly sexual', regulator rules
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Regulator Clears OnlyFans Account Billboards Following Complaints

Eliza Rose Watson’s OnlyFans account billboards 'not overtly sexual', regulator rules

Billboards featuring Eliza Rose Watson advertising her OnlyFans account are not excessively or strongly sexual in nature. The regulators have made a ruling that these billboards do not display content that is overly explicit or offensive, based on their assessment of the material.

The advertisements, which showcased Eliza Rose Watson wearing a bra top alongside the logos of OnlyFans and Instagram, were displayed in several locations including Harrow, Tottenham, Lambeth, and Edgware.

While critics argued that the image was unsuitable for children, the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) disagreed, asserting that the picture did not possess an overtly sexual nature and did not objectify women.

The ASA’s decision was based on the notion that the ad was “unlikely to cause serious or widespread offense,” although it acknowledged that some might find it “distasteful.”

Those who raised complaints were individuals who recognized OnlyFans as an online content subscription service primarily featuring explicit adult content. They challenged whether the advertisement was appropriate for public display in areas frequented by children.

In response, Eliza Rose Watson maintained that the ad adhered to established advertising guidelines and aligned with prevailing societal attitudes. She added that she designed the advertisement to be intriguing to younger viewers while avoiding offense to mature audiences.

Amplify Outdoor, the company responsible for the poster sites, confirmed that none of the billboards were positioned within a 100-meter radius of any schools.

The ASA concurred that the advertisements had been placed responsibly and concluded that no further actions were required in this matter.

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