FIFA Suspends Spanish Football Chief Luis Rubiales After Controversial Hermoso Kiss

FIFA Suspends Spanish Football Chief Rubiales After Controversial Hermoso Kiss
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FIFA Suspends Spanish Football Chief Rubiales After Controversial Hermoso Kiss

In a shocking turn of events, FIFA has suspended Luis Rubiales, the president of Spain’s football federation (RFEF), following an incident involving a kiss between Rubiales and Spanish Women’s World Cup player Jenni Hermoso. The suspension, which will last for 90 days, comes as a result of disciplinary proceedings initiated by FIFA against the 46-year-old football official.

The incident in question saw Rubiales kissing Jenni Hermoso on the lips, a gesture that Hermoso vehemently denies giving her consent to. FIFA’s statement indicated that Rubiales and the RFEF are also prohibited from contacting Hermoso and those close to her during the suspension period.

This suspension adds to the ongoing feud between Rubiales, the RFEF, and Hermoso, which has cast a shadow over Spain’s recent Women’s World Cup victory in Australia. The players, including Hermoso, expressed their dissatisfaction with the RFEF’s handling of the situation, leading to a strike by 81 players, including the entire World Cup-winning squad. The players demand a change in leadership before they resume playing for the national team.

Hermoso’s statement accuses Rubiales and the federation of exerting undue pressure on her to appear in a video alongside Rubiales, where he apologized for the kiss. She declined to participate in the video. The RFEF responded by threatening legal action against Hermoso’s claims and anyone who may have harmed Rubiales’ reputation.

The controversy deepened as the RFEF released images attempting to show that Hermoso had indeed lifted up Rubiales, corroborating the president’s version of events. Amid the escalating tensions, the Spanish government also initiated a process that could lead to Rubiales’ suspension from his post.

The situation has garnered international attention, with players from other teams, including England’s World Cup runners-up, showing their support for Hermoso and condemning the actions of the RFEF. As the standoff continues, the RFEF’s statement emphasizes its respect for players’ decisions to participate or not in international matches, while also highlighting the obligation of those called up to represent the national team.

The suspension of Luis Rubiales and the ongoing conflict within the Spanish football federation highlight the complex dynamics between players and administrators, underscoring the growing importance of transparency and respect within the sport.

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