Flavour – African Royalty EP (Album)

Image of Flavour - African Royalty album cover
Flavour - African Royalty album cover
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Flavour Returns with New Album, ‘African Royalty’

Nigerian singer-songwriter Flavour has released his new album, “African Royalty.” The 12-track album is a blend of traditional Igbo music and contemporary sounds, and it features collaborations with Cavemen, Efya, and Ejyk Nwamba.

Image of Flavour - African Royalty album cover
African Royalty album cover

The album’s title, “African Royalty,” reflects Flavour’s pride in his heritage and his desire to celebrate African culture. The songs on the album are a mix of upbeat dance tracks and introspective ballads, and they explore themes of love, culture, and identity.

Flavour’s African Royalty Album Tracklist

  1. Flavour – Woman King
  2. Flavour – Big Baller
  3. Flavour – Osiso Osiso Ft Cavemen
  4. Flavour – Her Excellency (Nwunye Odogwu)
  5. Flavour – Game Changer
  6. Flavour – African Dream
  7. Flavour – Daberechi
  8. Flavour – Fearless Ft Ejyk Nwamba
  9. Flavour – Show Off
  10. Flavour – Lions Den
  11. Flavour – Fall In Love Ft Efya
  12. Flavour – Levels Pro Max

“African Royalty” is a must-listen for fans of Flavour and traditional Igbo music. The album is a celebration of African culture and a testament to Flavour’s talent as a singer and songwriter.

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