“Forget the past, God will build Nigeria” – Kumuyi on Tinubu

“Forget the past, God will build Nigeria” - kumuyi on tinubu
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God’ll Build Nigeria through President Tinubu — Pastor Kumuyi

“Forget the past, God will build Nigeria” - kumuyi on tinubu

In an optimistic statement, Pastor Williams Kumuyi, the General Overseer of Deeper Life Church, has asserted that Nigeria’s path to restoration lies in the hands of President Bola Tinubu, as God will guide the country’s rejuvenation through his leadership.

Addressing journalists before the monthly Global Crusade of the Church, set to take place in Osogbo on Thursday, Pastor Kumuyi emphasized that despite challenges, Nigeria has not been abandoned by divine intervention. He assured Nigerians that they will soon bear witness to a transformed nation under President Tinubu’s stewardship.

Kumuyi commended the careful selection of individuals in the President’s new cabinet, citing their track records as an indication of positive change. He called on fellow Nigerians to collaborate with the newly established administration, believing that God will utilize them to engineer progress.

“Let’s cast aside the past. This is a new dawn, and I have faith – we all do – that we’re on the brink of witnessing unprecedented positive changes for our country through our President and his cabinet members. Remarkable achievements will become reality,” stated Pastor Kumuyi.

He urged citizens to take a closer look at the newly appointed ministers, highlighting their past accomplishments as state governors or former ministers. Pastor Kumuyi believes that this thoughtful selection, combined with the populace’s support, will prompt divine intervention for the betterment of the nation.

“We must stand behind and welcome them rather than criticize their every move. By doing so, we are confident that God will guide their actions and utilize them as instruments to construct our nation. The divine will perform miracles in the hearts of our leaders, instilling a deep concern for the people and bestowing upon them the wisdom to lead us towards national prosperity,” he expressed optimistically.

Addressing the burgeoning number of churches and social challenges, the clergyman also offered insight into the role of religious institutions. He affirmed that the church would experience a revival, as he believes God will influence the hearts of individuals, fostering positive transformation in both personal lives and society as a whole.

As the nation navigates complex challenges, Pastor Kumuyi’s words serve as a beacon of hope for many, reinforcing the belief that transformative change is not only possible but within reach through dedicated leadership and divine guidance.

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