Halle Bailey Releases Empowering Debut Solo Single “Angel”

Halle Bailey Releases Empowering Debut Solo Single "Angel"
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Halle Bailey Releases Empowering Debut Solo Single "Angel"

(Los Angeles, CA) – Halle Bailey has released her debut solo single, “Angel.” The song is a soulful ballad about self-love and acceptance, and it is a powerful anthem for Black women everywhere.

“Angel” is written by Halle, Sebastian Kole, and Ron “Neff-U” Feemster. The song’s lyrics speak to the challenges of growing up as a Black girl in the spotlight, but they also offer a message of hope and resilience.

“I wrote this song for all the Black girls who have ever felt like they didn’t belong,” Halle said in a statement. “I want them to know that they are beautiful, they are worthy, and they are loved.”

The music video for “Angel” was directed by Lacey Duke. The video features Halle alone in a pool of water, surrounded by ethereal scenes of her against shifting clouds. The video is a visual representation of the song’s message of self-love and empowerment.

“Angel” is a powerful and moving song that is sure to resonate with listeners of all ages. It is a reminder that we are all beautiful, we are all worthy, and we are all angels.

About Halle Bailey

Halle Bailey is an American singer, actress, and dancer. She is best known for being part of the musical duo Chloe x Halle with her older sister Chloe Bailey. The duo has released two albums, The Kids Are Alright (2018) and Ungodly Hour (2020).

Halle Bailey was cast as Ariel in the live-action remake of Disney’s The Little Mermaid. The film is scheduled to be released in May 2023.

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