Here is everything you need to know about iOS 17 latest update

Here is everything you need to know about iOS 17 latest update
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On June 5, 2023, Apple unveiled iOS 17 during its WWDC keynote address. The updates, which will be available as free downloads for iPhone owners will include a number of new features and improvements.

Here is everything you need to know about iOS 17 latest update

What will iOS 17 bring?

The iPhone’s operating system, known as iOS, receives significant new updates every fall. You can anticipate iOS 17 to launch sometime in the middle of September 2023 since iOS 16 was released on September 12, 2022.

Here are some of the major features of the new operating system; but, like with iOS 16, expect to discover about some other “hidden” features as well.

Modifications to the Messages App

The Messages app in iOS 17 features some of the most significant upgrades. Keep your loved ones informed while you’re out and about with the new safety function Check In.

Send alerts to contacts when you’re running late or can’t make it, and let them know when you’ve safely arrived home. Even battery life and cellular reception statistics are options for sharing.

What to know about iOS 17

In a chat window, Apple has also spent some time enhancing the Messages user interface. The disorganized row of iMessage apps has been replaced by a single “Plus” button, which conceals all of your extra sharing and interaction features. Use this button to send Memoji, start a Check In session, share or shoot pictures, and more.

Additionally, the Stickers feature has been improved, and the new interface stores all of your stickers in one location (regardless of where you obtained them). All emoji can now be used as stickers, and you can easily make stickers out of things you’ve selected in pictures. From the Live Photos you’ve taken, animated “Live Stickers” can be produced.

The stickers in iOS 17 has changed

These stickers can be added as reactions using the tapback option, and you can even use the stickers you’ve gathered in other apps.

Filters that you can use with in-app searches have made it simpler to find messages as well. Similar to search filters in the Photos app, these allow you to filter your search results by contact when looking through your messages, for example.

The iMassage search filter in iOS 17

Chats have also made some great enhancements to the quality of life. For busy group chats, a new “catch up” arrow directs you to the most recent message you haven’t yet read, and a simple swipe makes it simpler to reply in-line to messages. You will now receive transcribed audio messages, which is ideal if you can’t hear them right away. Additionally, you can see where friends who have revealed their positions are located directly in the conversation.

An Updated Journal App

You’re about to receive a significant improvement if you’ve been using Notes as a sort of personal journal. An end-to-end encrypted journal with a new Journaling Suggestions API, is brand-new for iOS 17. The new app leverages on-device processing to make some of its more intriguing capabilities possible and can be locked for privacy and security reasons.

With a sprinkling of machine learning to help prompt you to write pertinent topics, Apple claims that Journal is made to “help iPhone users reflect and practice gratitude through journaling.” Along with prompts for journal entries, you’ll receive astute recommendations based on your activities.

An Updated Journal App In iOS 17

This can include the music or podcasts you’ve listened to, the exercises you’ve finished, the images you’ve taken, a trip you’ve taken, and anything else your iPhone might discover about you through regular use.

Additionally, you’ll receive writing suggestions that are relevant to the activity, such as being asked to describe your favorite travel experience.

Customize Your Appearance When Making a Call

With the new contact posters personalization in iOS 17, you can change how you appear to callers. When you call a someone, full-screen graphics flash on their devices. These images were heavily influenced by the iOS 16 Lock Screen customization choices.

contact posters In iOS 17

Like a lock screen, you may personalize your poster by choosing the photo, applying effects, changing the font, and choosing a complementary color scheme. Thanks to connection with Apple’s CallKit API, the capability isn’t limited to phone calls but also supports third-party VoIP applications. You have even more influence over how you seem when sharing your contact information with other people because the look you select here also applies to your contact card.

A Live Voicemail Transcription

Voice Mail transcription, an astonishing new function, is a throwback to the era of answering machines with tape recorders. To determine whether or not to answer the call mid-message (much like you could in the good old days by listening to the tape as the caller left it), the functionality allows you to see a real-time transcription of the message as it comes in.

A Live Voicemail transition in iOS 17

It’s a great touch that the functionality won’t function with numbers that have been marked as spammers. Although support varies depending on your provider and area, this improves Apple’s already helpful Voicemail Transcription feature.

Apple TV integration and audio and video messages for FaceTime

In the same way that they do with a traditional phone call, FaceTime callers can now leave messages if the intended receiver is not accessible. Depending on the sort of call made, this applies to both audio and video messages.

Additionally, there are some fresh reactions that you can activate with gestures, similar to the Messages message-send effects (such as balloons, fireworks, hearts, and more).

Apple TV integration and audio and video messages for FaceTime in iOS 17

Furthermore, owners of Apple TV 4K can now transfer FaceTime calls to their TV, expanding on the Continuity Camera function provided in 2022’s upgrades to iOS and macOS.

A StandBy View

Users of the Apple Watch will be familiar with Nightstand Mode, and the iPhone will soon get a function comparable to it. To access StandBy View, which displays information quickly and is intended to be viewed from a distance, simply turn your iPhone on its side.

By swiping up and down, you may access a variety of clock styles in this mode. You can also swipe side to side to explore photos in your collection. Some clock faces allow you to add widgets to display data such as the weather, a calendar, smart home controls, and widgets from third-party apps.

In this mode, your iPhone will also present pertinent information based on your usage habits.

A Standby View in iOS 17

So that your iPhone doesn’t wake you up at night, the screen will be dull and turn red. As iOS 17 approaches release, anticipate a swarm of horizontal stands (perhaps with MagSafe charging) to surface as Apple demonstrated the capability.

During this portion, Apple especially referred to the iPhone 14 Pro and its always-on display. The addition of StandBy View may indicate that the firm is committed to introducing always-on screens to additional devices in the near future.

A Better Sharing Feature

With a few significant upgrades, AirDrop, Apple’s wireless proximity sharing capability, is made simpler. The first one is NameDrop, which enables two users to bring their iPhones together and instantly exchange contact information.

The functionality, which also functions with an iPhone and an Apple Watch, makes it simple to share phone numbers and other contact information.

Sharing of contact information with NameDrop on iOS 17

The similar proximity-based AirDrop function allegedly makes local sharing between two iPhones of other media, including images or videos, easier. Additionally, AirDrop now enables you to start a big transfer (such a video) and walk away; from that point on, the transfer will proceed over the internet. That’s a much-needed enhancement if you’ve ever had to wait around for an AirDrop transfer to complete.

In addition to AirDrop capabilities, iOS 17 will allow users to share AirTags. The ability to invite contacts to view the location of your AirTag and immediately opt out of any alerts related to that AirTag has been added to the beacons, which were previously only available to a single user.

More Accurate Autocorrect In iOS 17

More Accurate Autocorrect In iOS 17

Apple made a point of highlighting the fact that the underlying autocorrect technology has been improved for better suggestions. Complete sentences can be corrected after you type them thanks to sentence-level autocorrect. When autocorrect gets a bit overzealous, you can tap on words to return to the word you first entered. Additionally, your iPhone can now learn vulgar language.

The other significant advancement in typing is in-line predictions, which show up as you type. These phrases or sentences can be rapidly completed thanks to these suggestions, which are similar to capabilities you’ve undoubtedly already used elsewhere (email prediction in Gmail comes to mind).

In-line prediction in iOS 17

There is Offline Maps, Personal Voice, and More in iOS 17

You’ll be happy to know that Apple has finally included offline mapping and navigation in its built-in Apple Maps software if you enjoy using your iPhone for mapping and navigation. Choose a location, download it, and use it even if there is no internet connection.

This is helpful because Maps has some useful functions, such as the ability to locate where your automobile is parked.

Personal Voice, which is marketed as an accessibility feature, is intended for people who are at risk of losing their capacity to speak. With the help of iOS 17, you can teach a voice impersonator to talk in your place in about an hour.

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