Here is what TikTok’s ‘Double Dyed Coke’ Piercing means (Video)

Here is what TikTok's 'Double Dyed Coke' Piercing means (Video)
Here is what TikTok's 'Double Dyed Coke' Piercing means (Video)
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Here is what TikTok's 'Double Dyed Coke' Piercing means (Video)
Here is what TikTok’s ‘Double Dyed Coke’ Piercing means (Video)

TikTok is buzzing with confusion after a video by user @ephemeral_remy left viewers puzzled about what a ‘double dyed coke piercing’ really is. In the video, he claimed it was the most painful piercing he ever got, sparking a frenzy of online searches to uncover the truth.

What is TikTok’s ‘Double Dyed Coke’ piercing?
The video lacked subtitles, making it challenging for viewers to decipher the exact term he used. Some heard ‘double dyed coke,’ ‘double diet coke,’ or ‘double dydoe,’ leaving many scratching their heads. Remy’s enigmatic response only added to the intrigue: “If you don’t know what those are, I’m not telling you to go look them up, but if you do, you’ll know why they were the most painful.”

The Reality

Here is what TikTok's 'Double Dyed Coke' Piercing means (Video)

In reality, Remy was referring to a ‘double dydoe piercing,’ a male genital body piercing that passes through the ridged edge of the head of the male genitalia. Dydoe piercings are often done in pairs and are highly dependent on an individual’s anatomy.

Infinite Body, a piercing resource, notes that the wearer must have a flared glans for the piercer to even attempt this piercing. Importantly, this piercing is not recommended for uncircumcised individuals due to the unique requirements involved.

Other Painful Piercings

While the ‘double dydoe piercing’ takes the spotlight in Remy’s video, there are several other painful piercings worth mentioning:

  1. Nipple Piercing: Nipple piercings are known for their high level of pain due to the extreme sensitivity of the area. Those who endure the procedure typically have a high pain threshold.
  2. Dermal Piercings: Dermal piercings, which do not pass through to the other side of the skin, can be exceptionally painful. Their location can also influence the level of discomfort.
  3. Nose Piercings: The pain experienced during nose piercings varies based on the specific area of the nose being pierced. Septum piercings, for instance, are renowned for their significant discomfort.

In summary, TikTok’s ‘Double Dyed Coke’ mystery has been unveiled as a ‘double dydoe piercing,’ offering insight into one of the more unique and painful forms of body modification. While Remy’s video sparked curiosity, it also shed light on the world of piercing enthusiasts and the endurance they display in pursuit of their desired aesthetics.

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