Hilda Baci (Hilda Effiong Bassey) Biography, Cars, Instagram, Net Worth and World Guinness Record

Hilda Baci (Hilda Effiong Bassey) Biography, Cars, Instagram, Net Worth and World Guinness Record
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Inspiring businesswoman and chef Miss Hilda Baci is well-known in the Nigerian food industry. She only began working as a chef in 2020, yet she has already established a lucrative brand for herself called @Myfoodbyhilda.

Hilda Baci (Hilda Effiong Bassey) Biography, Cars, Instagram, Net Worth and World Guinness Record

Effiong Hilda Bassey, better known by her stage name Hilda Baci, was born in Akwa Ibom State on September 20, 1996. She started her journey from grass to grace and is a multi-talented Nigerian TV producer, actor, head chef @ FoodbyHilda, and businesswoman.

To shatter the record for the longest cooking marathon, Hilda Baci has set out on a mission.

Hilda will prepare around 250 recipes during the cook-a-thon, which started on May 11 and runs through May 14. The show will be live-streamed on various social media platforms.

Chef Hilda Baci’s Profile

Name:Hilda Effiong Bassey
Date of birth: September 20, 1996
Occupation:Foodpreneur, actress, TV presenter, and Businesswoman
State of Origin:Akwa Ibom 
Better known as:Hilda Baci
Instagram Account:Hilda Baci
Net Worth:$320,000

“The journey to the cook-a-thon started five years ago. It is one of my biggest aspirations and I am glad that I took the bold step to embark on this adventure. I have taken time to prepare for this psychologically and I am proud to finally take on this challenge.”

“The cook-a-thon is also an opportunity to tell some of the positive stories that come from Africa through the meals that we make.”

“This attempt is also proof of the strength young people can exhibit with the right platform and support. I look forward to receiving support from people across the world to achieve this feat.” Hilda Baci started.

Baci schooled at Madonna University Okija where she studied Sociology. Mr. and Mrs. Effiong Bassey of Akwa Ibom gave birth to Hilda.

But as at the time this piece was being written, we didn’t have any specific information on her siblings or parents.

Hilda studied sociology at Madonna University in Okija, Nigeria, prior to entering the food sector. Her desire to teach others about cooking and her love of food inspired her to launch her own company, which at first had just one location.

As the CEO and head chef of @Myfoodbyhilda, Hilda has earned a reputation for offering scrumptious and nutritious meals made with ingredients that are obtained locally. She has a devoted following of clients and fans thanks to her inventive culinary methods and imaginative presentation.

About Chef Hilda Baci’s World Guinness Record

The goal of ambitious and tenacious chef Hilda Baci is to break the current record for the longest cooking period. In order to qualify for the Guinness World Records, the 27-year-old graduate has organized a four-day “cook-a-thon” in Amore Gardens in Lekki, Lagos State, where she intends to prepare a variety of dishes for an anticipated amount of time.

Lata Tondon now holds the record for the longest cooking marathon, finishing the feat in Rewa, India in 2019 in 87 hours, 45 minutes, and 00 seconds. By breaking this record, Hilda Baci hopes to change history. On social media, Hilda’s admirers and following have given her a lot of attention and support in response to her love of cooking and her resolve to break this record. As she begins this difficult task, many have been watching her progress and encouraging her.

It will be a significant accomplishment not only for Hilda but also for the Nigerian food sector as a whole if she is successful in breaking the Guinness World Record for the longest cooking time. It would highlight the skills and commitment of Nigerian chefs and promote the nation as a center of culinary expertise.

The Cars of Chef Hilda Baci

Hilda Baci is a well-known chef and businesswoman with a passion for luxury. She also enjoys vehicles. Over the years, she has been observed driving several expensive cars, including a Mercedes-Benz G wagon, an opulent and potent SUV that blends sportiness and elegance.

Hilda Baci’s Mercedes-Benz G wagon
Hilda Baci’s Mercedes-Benz G wagon

Hilda has also been spotted driving a Range Rover, a chic and functional SUV that is ideal for both city and off-road driving, in addition to the G wagon. This car has a distinctive look, cutting-edge technology, and great performance.

Chef Hilda Baci’s Range Rover
Picture of Chef Hilda Baci’s Range Rover

Hilda’s preference in automobiles is a reflection of her accomplishment as a professional entrepreneur. She works hard and is committed to her profession, which is shown in her love of luxury and her respect for expensive cars.

Photo of Chef Hilda Baci’s Cars
Chef Hilda Baci’s Cars

Hilda Baci’s automobiles, which she uses to go around town or travel to catering events, are a representation of her success and dedication to live life to the fullest.

Chef Hilda Baci’s Net Worth and Sources of income

Hilda Baci is a successful chef and businesswoman, as evidenced by her reported $320,000 net worth. She started her career from nothing, driven by a love of cooking and a desire to spread her culinary expertise throughout the globe.

Currently, Hilda’s primary source of income is her work as a chef, which includes owning her own catering company and hosting cooking programs on various television networks. She has a big social media following, works as a YouTuber, and this has increased her income.

Four things to note about Chef Hilda Baci

  1. Hilda Baci is a well-known foodpreneur, actor, and TV host who is renowned for her superb home cooking. She founded “My Food by Hilda,” a high-end restaurant and delivery business for continental and African cuisine.
  2. Her mother’s cooking methods served as inspiration for Hilda’s love of cooking. Her talent for cooking brought her to the television industry, where she debuted with the cookery feature “In my Kitchen” on the morning program Morning Rave on Rave TV. She also hosted “Dine on A Budget” on Pop Central TV, where she interviewed celebrities about hot topics and gave them a nice meal.
  3. When Hilda opened her first high-end fast-food restaurant in June 2022 and catered to an enormous number of customers, her diligence and hard work had paid off. A nominee for Best Movie at the Africa Magic Viewers’ Choice Awards (AMVCA), Dream Chaser is one of the films and soap operas in which she has demonstrated her acting talent.
  4. Hilda is a humanitarian and thinks that everyone should have healthy food. She made a positive effect by giving over 3,000 meals to underprivileged people during the Covid-19 pandemic. Additionally, she has taught the culinary skills to more than 2,500 students, rewarding the top performers with incentives and awards.

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