Himalayan Monkey Flower Hoax Exposed: AI-Generated Picture Goes Viral on Social Media

Himalayan Monkey Flower Hoax Exposed: AI-Generated Picture Goes Viral on Social Media
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Social Media Users Falsely Claimed Rare Bloom Occurs Once Every 20 Years

Himalayan Monkey Flower Hoax Exposed: AI-Generated Picture Goes Viral on Social Media

A stunning image of the Himalayan Monkey Flower has been making waves across the internet, captivating viewers with its claim of blooming once every two decades. However, the truth behind the viral picture has now been unveiled, revealing that the flowers are entirely fictional and created through Artificial Intelligence, as reported by factly.in.

The picture, which showcased a picturesque mountain scene adorned with vibrant white flowers and lush green leaves, was initially shared on July 10, 2023, and has already garnered a staggering 152.5k views.

The caption accompanying the image read, “The Himalayan Monkey Flower is said to bloom only once every 20 years. They were all bright little monkeys. The world is truly vast and full of wonders.”

Despite the allure of the claim, numerous social media users expressed doubt about the authenticity of the image. Skepticism mounted until it was revealed that the picture was indeed an AI-generated creation, as disclosed on the Toutiao page of Leaf Beauty Gallery.

The artist’s biography on the Toutiao page explicitly states their use of AI technology to create paintings, including the one featuring the mythical Himalayan Monkey Flower.

The deceptive image is not an isolated incident. Over time, various pictures of rare flowers and animals have circulated online, only to be exposed as AI-generated fabrications. The Himalayan Monkey Flower now joins the ranks of such illusions.

Contrary to the AI-generated fabrication, there is, in fact, a real flower known as the Monkey Orchid, scientifically termed Dracula Simia. The Monkey Orchid derives its name from the striking resemblance of its petals to a monkey’s face.

These unique and rare Monkey Orchids are native to the cloudy forests of Ecuador and Peru, nestled high in the mountains. The intricate mix of brownish-red and white colors, along with petal patterns that echo a monkey’s visage, make the Monkey Orchid a fascinating botanical marvel.

While the viral deception of the Himalayan Monkey Flower may have disappointed some, the enchanting existence of the Monkey Orchid serves as a reminder of the natural wonders that truly grace our world.

As social media continues to be a platform for sharing awe-inspiring images, it is crucial to remain vigilant and fact-check extraordinary claims to distinguish between reality and AI-generated fantasies.

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