“I gifted you 3 verses in your dead career” – Davido Hits Back at Dammy Krane

"I gifted you 3 verses in your dead career" - Davido Hits Back at Dammy Krane
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Nigerian music sensation Davido has finally broken his silence over the ongoing feud with fellow artist Dammy Krane, who has been accusing Davido of owing him money for years.

"I gifted you 3 verses in your dead career" - Davido Hits Back at Dammy Krane

The social media battleground has been set ablaze as the two artists exchange heated words, revealing a story of unpaid debts and what Davido labels as ungrateful behavior.

In the early 2010s, Dammy Krane was riding high on the wave of success, collaborating with industry heavyweights like 2Face, Davido, and Shatta Wale. However, his recent social media outbursts have put his grievances with Davido in the spotlight. Dammy Krane claims that he is owed royalties for his contribution to Davido’s single ‘Pere.’

Taking to social media, Dammy Krane publicly called out Davido, stating that he had attempted to reach out regarding split sheets and outstanding payments but received no response.

“My Blooda @davido Run the check I don reach out to people over the years based on split sheet & outstanding, No response, we no gats Dey get this convo here,” he tweeted.

In response, Davido retaliated, alleging that Dammy Krane had not paid him for the three verses he provided and even accused him of not footing the bill for production services on ‘Pooner.’ Furthermore, Davido claimed Dammy Krane never reimbursed him for food and accommodation during his stay at Davido’s house in Atlanta.

"I gifted you 3 verses in your dead career" - Davido Hits Back at Dammy Krane

Dammy Krane, not one to back down, openly mocked Davido on social media, insisting that he be compensated for his work, emphasizing that this is his livelihood and not a matter of charity.

“Owe B Owe Owe Owe One DAVID-Owe Please pay me my money I no Dey beg you It is my work! You no gats Japa.”

The public spat has left fans and industry insiders bewildered, with many questioning the true nature of their relationship and the authenticity of Dammy Krane’s claims.

As the saga continues to unfold, the music industry watches on, waiting to see if these two former collaborators can find a resolution or if their friendship is irreparably damaged.

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