“I look up to Wizkid, he is my role model’ – Kizz Daniel

"I look up to Wizkid, he is my role model' - Kizz Daniel
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Kizz Daniel Acknowledges Wizkid as Mentor and Role Model in Music Industry

"I look up to Wizkid, he is my role model' - Kizz Daniel
Wizkid and Kizz Daniel Photo

In a heartfelt testament to his admiration for fellow Nigerian artist Wizkid, popular singer Kizz Daniel has publicly recognized Wizkid as his mentor and an exceptional vocalist. The acknowledgment came to light with the sharing of a throwback video by Kizz Daniel, igniting conversations across various social media platforms.

Kizz Daniel’s reverence for Wizkid’s musical prowess was palpable in the video, as he lauded the accomplished artist for his unique talents.

The throwback clip showcased Wizkid’s remarkable cover of a song, a performance that left Kizz Daniel in awe. “Wizkid is an amazing act,” Kizz Daniel expressed, his enthusiasm evident. “I was like, wow, Wizkid, he is like a mentor.”

The sentiment extended beyond just mentorship, with Kizz Daniel placing Wizkid in the company of revered figures within the music industry. Notable names like 2face were also mentioned as artists Kizz Daniel looks up to and admires.

“I look up to Wizkid (2x), I look up to 2face, I look up to a whole lot of artiste in the industry,” Kizz Daniel declared, showcasing his deep respect for these seasoned performers.

This candid display of respect and admiration has stirred conversations among fans and industry peers alike.

Kizz Daniel’s words serve as a testament to the power of mentorship and the impact established artists can have on the rising stars of the music world.

As the Nigerian music scene continues to flourish, gestures like these further solidify the sense of camaraderie and mutual respect among its talented individuals.

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