Iyanya cheated on me with Tonto Dikeh – Yvonne Nelson

Iyanya cheated on me with Tonto Dikeh – Yvonne Nelson
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Ghanaian Actress Yvonne Nelson bares her soul in her newly released memoir, ‘I am not Yvonne Nelson,’ divulging intriguing details about her love life, career, and family.

Iyanya cheated on me with Tonto Dikeh – Yvonne Nelson
Iyanya cheated on me with Tonto Dikeh – Yvonne Nelson

One of the most shocking revelations includes her heart-wrenching account of how her relationship with Nigerian singer Iyanya Mbuk, aka Iyanya, came crashing down.

In the captivating chapter titled ‘Iyanya and My Love Life,’ the 37-year-old actress unveils the painful truth about Iyanya’s infidelity with a fellow actress, none other than the renowned Tonto Dikeh. Yvonne Nelson shares how she stumbled upon this betrayal through a mysterious informant, leaving her utterly shattered.

She courageously admits that even without the cheating scandal, there were other disillusioning discoveries that led her to walk away from the relationship. The actress ultimately realized that fighting for a lost love wasn’t worth her energy.

Iyanya, taken by surprise, responded to Yvonne’s revelation on Twitter, questioning the extent to which she was divulging intimate details. However, a fan’s response to his query hinted that the singer had no knowledge of his involvement in the book until then. Iyanya’s subsequent posts shared on social media displayed his astonishment and left him seemingly speechless.

Iyanya cheated on me with Tonto Dikeh – Yvonne Nelson
Yvonne Nelson’s memoir, ‘I am not Yvonne Nelson’,

While Yvonne Nelson’s book unravels their tumultuous past, Iyanya also plans to address the accusations in due course, assuring his followers that he won’t be writing a book to counter the claims.

The truth behind this highly publicized breakup remains a topic of interest, as the singer previously explained the challenges of dating a celebrity during an interview. Iyanya highlighted the difficulties of trying to change a female celebrity’s lifestyle, stating that it often led to rebellion. Despite their past, Iyanya mentioned that he maintains occasional communication with Yvonne Nelson, emphasizing her amazing personality.

As the revelations continue to unfold, Yvonne Nelson has also shared excerpts from another chapter in her book, where she accuses Ghanaian rapper Sarkodie of impregnating and abandoning her.

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