Johnny Drille Ties the Knot with Rima Tahini Confirmed by Don Jazzy

Johnny Drille Ties the Knot with Rima Tahini Confirmed by Don Jazzy
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Renowned Nigerian singer and songwriter, Johnny Drille, has unveiled the highly-anticipated music video for his latest romantic track, “The Best Part.” The stunning visual production features Rima Tahini, the director of A&R at Mavin Records and a senior associate at Kupanda Capital.

Johnny Drille Ties the Knot with Rima Tahini Confirmed by Don Jazzy

In a recent Twitter post, music producer Don Jazzy confirmed that Johnny Drille and Rima are indeed married, shedding light on their private wedding ceremony that took place in January 2022.

The music video for “The Best Part” showcases the undeniable chemistry between Johnny Drille and Rima Tahini, as their on-screen presence captivates viewers with its authenticity and charm. The enchanting visuals complement the soulful lyrics of the song, enhancing its heartfelt message of love and companionship.

Don Jazzy, the iconic founder of Mavin Records, took to Twitter to share the news of Johnny Drille’s marital status, expressing his joy and support for the couple. Although the private wedding ceremony occurred in January 2022, the revelation has only now come to light, creating a delightful surprise for fans and followers of Johnny Drille and Rima Tahini.

As news of their marriage circulates, fans have taken to social media platforms to extend their congratulations to the newlyweds. The revelation has sparked a wave of excitement within the music industry, as Johnny Drille’s heartfelt ballads have resonated deeply with audiences, and Rima Tahini’s involvement in the video further solidifies their connection.

Johnny Drille’s unique musical style, characterized by soulful melodies and heartfelt lyrics, has garnered him a devoted fan base both in Nigeria and internationally. With hits like “Wait for Me” and “Halleluya,” he has become a force to be reckoned with in the Nigerian music scene. Now, with the confirmation of his marriage to Rima Tahini, the talented artist adds another chapter to his personal life.

The marriage between Johnny Drille and Rima Tahini represents a union not just of love but of shared passions and creative endeavors. As they embark on this new chapter together, fans eagerly anticipate the future musical collaborations and artistic projects that may arise from their partnership.

Congratulations to Johnny Drille and Rima Tahini on their marriage, and may their journey together be filled with love, happiness, and continued success in both their personal and professional lives.

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