Kim Petras’ ‘Feed the Beast’ Album Review

Kim Petras' 'Feed the Beast' Album Review
Kim Petras' 'Feed the Beast' Album Review
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Album Artist: Kim Petras

Album Title: Feed the Beast

Category: Music Albums

Track List: 

Released Year: 2021 Music Album

Kim Petras’ debut album, ‘Feed the Beast,’ has been a long time coming, with a journey filled with highs and lows.

Kim Petras' 'Feed the Beast' Album Review
Kim Petras’ ‘Feed the Beast’ Album Review

Known for her pop sensibilities and infectious bubblegum sound, Petras has garnered attention as an artist to watch. However, her collaboration with producer Dr. Luke, amidst accusations of sexual assault and abuse, has left a troubled mark on her music career.

Described as her most personal work to date, ‘Feed the Beast’ is a departure from the Halloween-themed projects and previous EPs that showcased Petras’ unique and playful style. Unfortunately, this album seems to veer even further from her creative essence, lacking the magnetic charm and spark that made her past eras so enjoyable and unconventional.

Drawing heavily from Nineties house and Europop influences, the album’s lead single, “Alone,” featuring a guest verse from Nicki Minaj, samples Alice Deejay’s hit “Better Off Alone” with the addition of trap elements. Much of the album follows similar formulaic patterns, aiming for radio play and TikTok trends, resulting in a diluted and indistinguishable sound. Tracks like “King of Hearts” and “Claws” come across as generic and forgettable, resembling a series of overpriced vodka sodas.

Despite these shortcomings, there are bright spots on the album. The sunny and infectious “Coconuts,” released last year, remains a standout track. “Revelations” showcases an Eighties guitar riff, paying homage to Petras’ spooky-pop history. While most of the songs on the album embrace a highly explicit and sensual theme, “Sex Talk” and “Hit It From the Back” stand out for their directness and sense of humor.

“Minute” delivers on the promised vulnerability of the album, as Petras yearns for a love interest to stay a little longer. On the other hand, “Uh Oh” captures the essence of a classic Petras party track, but the claim of dropping bangers falls flat when considering the overall album.

Even with its flaws, the album possesses dance-floor potential, appealing to Petras’ devoted fan base. As an unabashed lover of pop music, she exudes an undeniable passion for the genre and the emotions it evokes. However, in her pursuit of mainstream success and Top 40 potential, Petras seems to have abandoned the forward-thinking and unconventional persona that initially propelled her career. The beast has been tamed, leaving us hopeful that she will reclaim her distinctive essence in future projects.

Overall, ‘Feed the Beast’ showcases Kim Petras’ willingness to experiment with different styles but ultimately falls short of capturing the magic and uniqueness that defined her earlier releases. While there are enjoyable moments and danceable tracks, the album feels like a diluted version of her true potential. Here’s to hoping that Petras rediscovers her artistic edge and unleashes it once again, reminding us why she stood out in the first place.

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