‘King of Gays’ Kevin Leonardo Reacts to Raunchy DMs After Nair Hair Video

'King of Gays' Kevin Leonardo Reacts to Raunchy DMs After Nair Hair Video
'King of Gays' Kevin Leonardo Reacts to Raunchy DMs After Nair Hair Video
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Influencer Kevin Leonardo, who gained widespread attention for his Nair hair removal video on YouTube, is now sharing the aftermath of the viral clip by revealing the explicit direct messages (DMs) he received.

'King of Gays' Kevin Leonardo Reacts to Raunchy DMs After Nair Hair Video download mp4
‘King of Gays’ Kevin Leonardo Reacts to Raunchy DMs After Nair Hair Video

Since its upload a week ago, Kevin’s NSFW Nair hair removal video on his YouTube channel has garnered an impressive 9.3 million views. The video showcases Kevin’s demonstration of the effectiveness of Nair cream in removing hair from specific areas of the body.


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Taking to Instagram on Tuesday, July 4, the Indonesian-origin influencer decided to give his followers a glimpse into the racy DMs he received following the release of his Nair hair video.

Kevin not only reveals the content of the messages but also rates them on a scale of 1 to 10. Among the DMs shown, some were heartfelt and supportive, with people commending his authenticity and encouraging him to stay true to himself. However, other messages were explicit and would undoubtedly make anyone blush.

Several individuals who messaged Kevin after watching the Nair hair video expressed their attraction to him. Responding to some of the DMs in the Instagram video, Kevin openly shared his preference for Jewish men, stating, “I am obsessed with Jewish men.”

While one fan dubbed him the “king of gays” for his response to the DMs and his bold YouTube content, others took a more explicit approach in their messages.

Regarding the original Nair hair removal video, titled ‘Removing BUTT HAIRS Using NAIR Cream – A Visual Guide!,’ Kevin’s tutorial lasts for two minutes and 54 seconds and is as visually explicit as it gets.


The video begins with Kevin shirtless, providing a shot before applying the hair removal cream. Unexpectedly, viewers are then treated to an unfiltered view of his posterior. Although the descriptive title sets expectations, one might assume the demonstration would involve his hands or other non-explicit areas. However, Kevin proves himself to be genuine by taking his tutorial demonstrations seriously.

Kevin proceeds to apply the Nair Body Cream hair remover, leaving little to the imagination. A timer is set for three minutes before he wipes off the cream. The video also includes a shower scene, giving viewers a final look at the result of the product.

For those interested in connecting with Kevin, his YouTube following has significantly increased since the release of the revealing video, currently reaching 68.2K subscribers. His channel predominantly caters to a gay audience and covers various topics, including grooming, relationship advice, and more.

His Instagram presence is also growing steadily, with 5,889 followers at the moment. On the platform, Kevin frequently shares pictures featuring his friends and family.

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