“My husband threatened me with gun” – Sandra Iheuwa

"My husband threatened me with gun" – Sandra Iheuwa
Sandra Iheuwa
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Sandra Iheuwa, a well-known businesswoman and former spouse of music executive Ubi Franklin, has opened up about the tumultuous end to her brief marriage with Steve Maduka, CEO of Royal Hairs Limited.

"My husband threatened me with gun" – Sandra Iheuwa
Sandra Iheuwa

Sandra Iheuwa, who is Ubi Franklin’s fourth baby mama, shared harrowing details on The Honest Bunch Podcast, co-hosted by actor Chinedu Ani Emmanuel, also known as Nedu.

Sandra disclosed that her marriage to Steve Maduka crumbled over issues related to domestic responsibilities. According to her account, Maduka allegedly threatened her with a gun while forcibly ejecting her from their shared residence. The breakdown of the marriage comes after Sandra’s separation from Ubi Franklin.

The business magnate accused Sandra of neglecting domestic hygiene and failing to prioritize household chores, despite her adapting to the situation, including performing house chores while heavily pregnant. Sandra, however, claimed that she made considerable efforts to meet Maduka’s expectations, even temporarily setting aside her business to focus on her marriage.

“He [my ex-husband] said I was throwing pillows on the floor and I wasn’t cleaning the house. We had a house boy, so I don’t understand how a whole CEO and businesswoman has to be cleaning her whole house,” Sandra revealed.

She further explained that her ex-husband insisted on her involvement in the kitchen, directing the chef, and disregarding the established timetable. Despite adhering to his demands, Sandra alleged that Maduka woke her up one morning, threatening her with a gun and demanding that she leave the house. The threats reportedly included insults towards her parents.

Sandra expressed her dismay, stating, “He said he was gonna shoot me. He was shouting and insulting my parents. I was doing everything he wanted me to do. I left my business and I was cooking, doing everything with heavy pregnancy.”

Sandra maintained that she was not pretending and was genuinely committed to preserving her marriage, but her ex-husband insisted on her departure. This revelation has left many in shock, raising concerns about domestic violence and the complexities of relationships within the public eye. The incident highlights the need for awareness and support for those facing similar challenges.

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