Psychologist Claims Ronaldo and Georgina’s Relationship Is a Business Strategy

Psychologist Claims Ronaldo and Georgina's Relationship Is a Business Strategy
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According to Portuguese psychologist Filipa Torrinha Nunes, there is no genuine romantic relationship between Cristiano Ronaldo and his partner Georgina Rodriguez.

Psychologist Claims Ronaldo and Georgina's Relationship Is a Business Strategy

Instead, Nunes suggests that the couple is merely putting on a show for the sake of their commercial interests.

Since their first encounter in a Gucci store in Madrid back in 2016, Ronaldo and Georgina have been dating and have two children together. Their high-profile public appearances and extravagant lifestyle often make headlines. However, rumors of strain in their relationship have been circulating.

In an interview with Alo Portugal, Nunes boldly stated that their relationship is fake. She believes that Ronaldo is following a scripted narrative, insisting that their union is on the path to separation. Nunes expressed her conviction, saying, “I continue to sense the separation. While I acknowledge the possibility of being wrong, it doesn’t seem to be the case. I believe they are together solely for business purposes.”

Nunes further elaborated on her viewpoint, highlighting contractual matters between the couple, particularly concerning their children. She described Ronaldo and Georgina as being in a troubled state, emphasizing that their love story is excessively exaggerated and deviates from what is considered normal.

The psychologist firmly stated, “It’s all a carefully orchestrated script, and we must recognize the underlying truth. We are being deceived for the sake of business, allegedly.”

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