Selina Tested Episode 31: Ratata Day Series

Selina Tested Episode 31: Ratata Day Series
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Title: Selina Tested: Ratata Day

Episode: 31

Category: Videos

Selina Tested: Ratata Day Series, Episode 31 is available for download at Benuevibes.

Selina Tested Episode 31: Ratata Day Series

If you are looking for Selina Tested Episode 31 of the Ratata Day Series, then Benuevibes got you covered.

Selina Tested Episode 31 Highlights

(1) Dera shows how much she loves her man by taking the risk of going to see Odogwu to inform him of Aboy’s plight in prison and to reason with him. Dera doesn’t want anything—not even a scratch—to happen to Aboy.

(2) Okinas’ dedication to keeping watch, crying day and night, and even taking a long travel to see that Sibi gets back on his feet once more demonstrates how devoted he is; in fact, he is more or less like a brother to him.

(3) Okinas must have felt that trying to help was the worst mistake he could have done after witnessing someone he had been hoping to see almost kill you in the name of bloodlust.

(4) When Sibi told Nwokengborogwu that people didn’t want him, he felt defeated about being brought back to life because those who killed him had tried to take away his source of income, as I could recall in one of the episodes where a tribesman had asked him to stop fighting Chiboy but he insisted on continuing to do so with his friends.

According to the arrangement, he was obtaining it from the upland while Chiboy was in the downland, but when Chiboy went against the grain, the priest was warned not to ever mention his name or the names of his associates again. I also ponder whether Sibi’s appetite for blood will ever be satisfied.

(5) Odogwu’s attempt to enlist assistance in Aboy’s jailbreak demonstrates that he is more than just a sibling. I am also confident that if Aboy is granted the things that have been withheld from him, he will assist Odogwu and the others in leaving holy ground.

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