Slikish Songs

Slikish Songs Download all latest music
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Slikish is Benue artist who has been around for a while and has been creating songs for many years.

Slikish Songs Download all latest music

Slikish has recorded lot of songs and in this post you will find a list of his songs to go through and download your favorite.

On this list you will find “Body” by Slikish. This song features a lot of synths and other instruments that make it sound like it’s going to be a very good dance track. If you like this kind of music then you should definitely give it a try. 

You will also find “Ikyrem” by Slikish. Which he features JJDebusta now known as Boibusta. This track uses a lot of different sounds and instruments that make it sound more like an instrumental track than anything else. It also has plenty of effects being used throughout the entire song so if you enjoy that type of thing then you should definitely check out this one. 

Slikish Songs 2022

Benue to Lagos EP

  1. Ikyarem Featuring JJDebusta
  2. Aondohemba
  3. Kempeless
  4. Psychopath
  5. My Own
  • ExGF (Ex Girlfriend)

2021 Songs

  • Not update yet

2020 Songs

  • Not update yet

Slikish Songs 2019

  • Logo
  • Va 
  • Lifestyle

Slikish Songs 2018

  • God Nau
  • Body Featuring Peruzzi

2017 Songs

  • Patwanga

Note: The list of Slikish’s Songs is not yet complete. We are making more research and adding more of his songs including the songs he has been featured on. In the meantime if you know any of his songs which is not on the list, you can add it in the comments section.

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