What Is Threads? All About Instagram’s New App That Rivals Twitter

What Is Threads? All About Instagram's New App That Rivals Twitter
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Head to Apple’s App Store or Google Play because there’s a new social media platform on the market. On July 5, Meta—the parent company of Instagram, Facebook, and WhatsApp—launched Threads, a new conversation-based app that bears a striking resemblance to Twitter. With its launch, Threads has been hailed as the “Twitter killer” by tech enthusiasts, raising the competition in the social media space and intensifying the ongoing rivalry between Meta’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg and Twitter’s owner, Elon Musk. Let’s dive into everything you need to know about Threads, Instagram’s answer to Twitter.

The Birth of Threads

What Is Threads? All About Instagram's New App That Rivals Twitter

Threads emerged as a standalone platform from Meta after months of secrecy and speculation. Rumors about this new app began swirling in March 2023, and it was finally unveiled on July 5. Designed to provide a separate space for creators and public figures to share timely updates, Threads has gained significant attention within hours of its launch, amassing an impressive 10 million users.

What is Threads?

What Is Threads? All About Instagram's New App That Rivals Twitter

Threads is Meta’s newly launched app that directly competes with Twitter. It focuses on sharing short snippets of text on a free conversation-based platform. While Threads is a standalone app, it is linked to Instagram and requires users to have an Instagram account to sign up. Users can share text up to 500 characters, as well as photos and videos up to five minutes long. Currently available in over 100 countries, Threads aims to create a public space for discussions and sharing ideas.

Signing up for Threads

To join Threads, users need to have an Instagram account as it serves as the login credential for the app. Once the Threads app is downloaded, users can log in using their Instagram credentials or create a new account if they don’t have one. The integration with Instagram allows users to carry over their followers and following, making it easy to connect with friends and favorite accounts. Blocked accounts on Instagram will also carry over to Threads.

Key Differences from Twitter

What Is Threads? All About Instagram's New App That Rivals Twitter

While Threads has been compared to Twitter, there are several notable differences between the two platforms. Firstly, Threads allows users to transfer their Instagram followers and accounts they follow directly to the app, a feature absent on Twitter. Additionally, Threads utilizes an algorithmic timeline similar to Instagram and Facebook, whereas Twitter displays posts in reverse chronological order. Threads also provides users with a non-chronological “For You” tab, featuring posts from accounts they don’t follow. Unlike Twitter, Threads does not limit the number of posts users can consume per day.

Threads and Monetization

Currently, Threads does not feature ads, distinguishing it from Twitter. However, as with other Meta products, the possibility of monetization in the future cannot be ruled out. Mark Zuckerberg has stated that the focus is on making the product work well before considering monetization, and any such decisions would be made when Threads reaches a significant user base.

Account Management and Privacy

Unlike Twitter, deleting a Threads account is not possible without deleting the associated Instagram account. However, users can deactivate their Threads accounts, which hides their profiles and uploaded content. Privacy settings can be adjusted to make the account private, and individual Threads posts can be deleted. Instagram’s head, Adam Mosseri, has acknowledged user concerns and stated that they are exploring options to allow separate deletion of Threads accounts.

The Future of Threads

While Threads has been dubbed the “Twitter killer,” its potential to completely replace Twitter remains uncertain. Mark Zuckerberg is known for incorporating features from rival apps, as seen with the introduction of Reels on Instagram. Meta also plans to integrate Threads into the Fediverse, using a protocol called ActivityPub to enable interaction with users on different servers that support the same plan. This seamless integration with other platforms could attract creators and influencers.

Threads.net, Meta’s latest app, has entered the social media landscape as a direct competitor to Twitter. With its focus on conversation-based interactions and a unique integration with Instagram, Threads has gained rapid popularity since its launch. While it presents key differences from Twitter, such as its algorithmic timeline and absence of ads, the future of Threads as a complete replacement for Twitter remains uncertain. As Threads continues to evolve and attract users, it will undoubtedly shape the social media landscape and spark further competition in the digital realm.

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