Who is Gail Lewis? What to know about the woman who went viral on TikTok for quitting Walmart job

Who is Gail Lewis? What to know about the woman who went viral on TikTok for quitting Walmart job
Gail Lewis
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Gail Lewis gained internet fame after her TikTok video, showcasing her resignation from a 10-year job at Walmart in Morris, Illinois, went viral on November 16. Due to limited information about Lewis at the time, various speculations about her background surfaced as the video gained popularity. Consequently, there is a growing interest in learning more about the individual behind this viral moment.

Who is Gail Lewis? What to know about the woman who went viral on TikTok for quitting Walmart job
Gail Lewis

How did Gail Lewis start trending?

Gail Lewis went viral by sharing an emotional TikTok video where she bid farewell to her long-time job at Walmart. In the video, she marked the conclusion of her 10-year tenure, referring to it as “the end of an era.” The video, in which she announced her departure using a walkie-talkie, has amassed 25.1 million views and 3.2 million likes as of Monday afternoon. Lewis emotionally expressed her goodbye while sitting in her car, reflecting on her final day at the Walmart chain. The heartfelt nature of her departure and the significance of her decade-long commitment resonated with viewers, contributing to the video’s widespread popularity.

Why did Gail Lewis quit her job at Walmart, and where is she heading next?

Gail Lewis didn’t explicitly disclose the reason for leaving her decade-long job at Walmart, but she did reveal that she secured a new and improved position. She expressed mixed emotions about the transition, describing it as “happy sad” because her former colleagues had become like family, having shared various experiences with them, including navigating through the challenges of a pandemic together.

Lewis mentioned that she is heading to a better job and emphasized the positive aspects of her decision. She stated, “It just hurts but it’s a happy sad because where I’m going, I’m gonna be better off where I’m at, that’s all.” According to NBC Chicago, Lewis has already started her new job, enjoys the work, but chose not to disclose the identity of her new employer due to the significant attention she received from the viral video.

How did Gail Lewis react after going viral?

Gail Lewis responded to her sudden viral fame by expressing her gratitude in a Facebook message to NBC Chicago. She described the reaction as a “dream” and conveyed that she couldn’t find words to adequately express her appreciation. Lewis expressed surprise at the level of attention her video garnered, stating, “I would never guess that this would get this kind of attention.”

The store manager, Carrie Moses, representing the Morris location, shared sentiments of appreciation for Lewis’s service through Walmart corporate. Moses expressed gratitude for Lewis’s contributions at the Morris, IL store, conveyed that she would be greatly missed, and wished her all the best in her future opportunities.

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