Sexyy Red Addresses Sex Tape Leak, Denies Deliberate Act

Sexyy Red Addresses Sex Tape Leak, Denies Deliberate Act
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St. Louis rapper Sexyy Red has recently addressed the leak of her explicit sex tape in an exclusive interview on The Breakfast Club. The artist refuted claims that the release was a deliberate move to gain publicity, emphasizing her displeasure with the leaked content.

Sexyy Red Addresses Sex Tape Leak, Denies Deliberate Act
Sexyy Red

The controversy surrounding the leak arose when Charlamagne suggested during the interview that some speculated Red intentionally released the explicit video on Instagram to capitalize on the success of her single “Pound Town.” Red vehemently denied these accusations, expressing her surprise and disapproval. “No, that was the wackest video, bruh. I was tired, I’m fat, pregnant, didn’t even feel like doing shit on there… And that’s the one that fucking gets leaked. I got all kinds of stuff in my phone,” she explained at the 25:30 mark, visibly frustrated.

Sexyy Red Addresses Sex Tape Leak, Denies Deliberate Act

When asked about how the leak occurred in the age of heightened privacy concerns, Sexyy Red admitted to being unaware and frustrated about the incident. “I don’t know, bruh. I was mad,” she replied. “It was in the moment, and then set the phone down, but I ain’t the one that did it… It had accidentally pressed.”

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Regarding the possibility of deleting explicit content from her phone, Red asserted her autonomy over her device. “It’s my phone! Don’t y’all got shit on your phone?” she retorted. “Man, when I say I could really go viral, I could be a star. … Nobody broke into my phone, I already know what happened. But I could really be a star if I post the real stuff.”

Red provided further details on the incident when pressed by Charlamagne, explaining that the video was initially shared as a short clip on Instagram, saved to her phone, and accidentally triggered. “Who’s gonna do that on purpose?” she questioned. “And this was the wackest video, like, y’all really want me to post the real ones now. I turn up.”

Expressing her frustration, Red admitted to being “hella mad” about the situation but clarified her innocence. “I ain’t the one did it,” she emphasized. “It was an accident, but it still was like, ‘You dumb, pay attention. Be smarter, like, you moving too loose.'”

Sexyy Red had previously addressed the leak in a tweet shared in October, expressing her heartbreak and asserting, “anybody that knows me knows I wouldn’t do no goofy shit like that.”

Sexyy Red Addresses Sex Tape Leak, Denies Deliberate Act

The interview sheds light on the challenges artists face in maintaining privacy in the digital age, as Sexyy Red navigates the aftermath of an unintentional and unwarranted exposure of her personal life. Watch the full interview for further insights into the incident.

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