Youtuber YourFellowArab Rescued After Haiti Kidnapping Ordeal

American Youtuber, Addison Pierre Maalouf (YourFellowArab) released in Haiti by his kidnappers
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After a terrifying kidnapping ordeal, American YouTuber Addison Pierre Maalouf, also known as YourFellowArab, was let free from his captors in Haiti.

The prominent social media figure Maalouf said on Twitter that he feels that racial prejudice was the driving force behind his kidnapping and expressed thankfulness for his release.

“I was kidnapped purely for the color of my skin. I was kidnapped for being a ‘Blanc’,” Maalouf tweeted, shedding light on the ordeal he faced during his captivity. The YouTuber remained tight-lipped about further details until he’s safely back home but emphasized his reliance on faith during the ordeal, stating, “When you’re kidnapped in the middle of the Haitian Desert… you pray to God.”

While Maalouf was in Haiti, purportedly seeking an interview with a local gang leader, he was kidnapped. According to early accounts, the abductors sought an astounding $600,000 ransom in exchange for his release. After Maalouf and his family paid the first $40,000, the kidnappers continued to demand more money, which made Maalouf’s suffering worse.

Maalouf’s situation during his detention attracted the attention of other content creators, such as Lalem and Routledge, who pushed for his safe return. But amid the outpouring of support, some internet users conjectured about the veracity of the abduction, escalating the debate around the event.

Thankfully, Maalouf’s suffering was over when his captors freed him. Leader of the 400 Mawozo group Lanmo Sanjou verified Maalouf’s release, saying that he and his Haitian associate were released freely and without demand for a ransom.

Maalouf’s experience serves as a sobering reminder of the risks people in unstable areas face, especially those in the public glare, as he gets back to his loved ones and heals from the tragic event.